Omaesaki Lighthouse

IALA Heritage Lighthouse of the Year 2020 Nominee

Location: JAPAN - Shizuoka prefecture. Omaesaki-shi.

Lighthouse Operator: Japan Coast Guard

Source: (photos as submitted to accompany nomination form submitted by Japan Coast Guard in 2020)

Lighthouse Description and History

(Text extracted from nomination form submitted by Japan Coast Guard in 2020)

Japanese style light beacon was established by the Edo shogunate (government) in 1635
The construction of Omaesaki lighthouse using bricks was started in 1872, led by British engineer, R. H. Brunton
First lit in 1874.
Damaged by an air strike of the war and lens was broken in 1945
Reconstruction work due to war damage was completed in 1949
Automated in 1999
Finished repainting of an outside wall and reinforcement work in 2017



Made of White bricks
Double cylindrical structure designed by Brunton(This is said to be anti-earthquake structure)
The 3rd class lens is about 1.6 meters high, and the luminous intensity is about 0.56 million candelas.
The lighthouse also works as a meteorological observation station and Japan Coast Guard broadcasts this information to mariners.

Reason For Nomination

(Text extracted from nomination form submitted by Japan Coast Guard in 2020)
Intrinsic Heritage Interest of the Lighthouse

The first class rotating Fresnel lens were used for the first time in Japan (but broken by an air raid at the time of WWⅡ)
You can see a beautiful view of a vast expanse of waters, Izu-peninsula, and Mt. Fuji after you climb to the top
Rank A historical lighthouse of Meiji era(Existing lighthouse which is made in Meiji era (1868-1912) with high historical and cultural value, which was chosen by Japan Coast Guard, and which was given an conservative treatment.
Heritage of Industrial Modernization (designated by the Ministry of Economy and Industry)
Top 50 Japanese lighthouses(selected by Japan Coast Guard according to a popular vote in 1998)

Public Access and Education

The special opening to the public at the same time of local festival(May 2018 : 774 visitors)
Gave a lecture to elementary students in response to a request from a local government (November 2018 : 35 attendances)
lighthouse world summit 2020 in JAPAN will be held.
Lighthouse which is open to the public
The local volunteer citizens organization operate the lighthouse museum next to the lighthouse on every Sunday.
About 25,000 visitors in 2018

Photos and Diagrams