Nominate a Lighthouse

IALA Heritage Lighthouse of the Year Award

Nominations are now open for the 2024 IALA Heritage Lighthouse of the Year Award. This is you opportunity to place your most precious lighthouses in the spotlight and have your good work on conservation, public access and education recognised internationally. A Heritage Lighthouse is any lighthouse of cultural significance which goes beyond its current function and time. It does not have to be old!

Please download the nomination form and submit by 30 September 2023 to be considered for the 2024 accolade. The nomination form contains guidelines for completing the nomination. All valid nominations received since the inception of the award are considered to be IALA Heritage Lighthouses and can be found here;

Selection Criteria

IALA will consider the below criteria in their deliberations and so these should be considered by the person making a nomination.

Intrinsic Heritage Interest
The lighthouse’s architecture, features of interest, historic importance, associations,impact on culture, impact on world lighthouses and so on.

The state of preservation lighthouse and the efforts that have been taken to conserve it. This may include alternative uses. The inside is ever y bit as important as the outside!

Public Access and Education
The efforts that have been made to maximise public access to a lighthouse and/or educating the public about the heritage of the lighthouse in question as well as the wider context of aids to navigation.

Other Considerations
Other factors that may further the interests of World Lighthouse Heritage.
For example where the accolade ‘IALA Heritage Lighthouse of the Year’ given to a particular lighthouse would raise the profile of lighthouse heritage in a particular country or region in such a way that would be likely to raise the profile of worldwide lighthouse heritage more generally.

When a nominated lighthouse is selected, the nominee will be contacted in advance of confirmation of that accolade for more in formation and to ensure the nominee remains content to receive this accolade and any associated promotion. Once submitted your nomination will be considered for future years’ awards.

The 2020 Award presented to
Antônio da Barra Lighthouse, Brazil